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D Language Laboratory written by yaneurao ( yaneurao@gmail.com )

I am a professional game programmer and run a company which produces games.

Now I'm making 2D or 3D games for Windows in D. I want to introduce my libarary and to describe what I've study about D , but my english so poor that I'm not able to translate all my page about D into English.

2.Father : "Look! My daughter! my game is introduced in the huge websites!! "
3.Father : Over 10,000 people come to see my page a day , and a new client asks me to write article about D.
Daughter : Wow! Is it really , Dad?
4. It was just a dream..

yaneSDK4D (Game Development Library for D)

My Game Library is called 'yaneSDK4D' ( Yaneurao Game SDK for D ) is running on Windows and Linux. It is written in D using SDL and openGL. Now alpha version. Distribute under LGPL license. Bug reports are welcomed.

brief features:

> vector , list template.
> has game timer , MT rand , fastest sin,cos,and atan.
> keyboard and joystick supports.
> sound supports(wav , ogg , mid , etc..)
> graphic image supports(bmp,gif,png,tiff,etc..)
> game task system supports
> micro-thread like fiber in Win32 supports
> has cache mechanism for sound,image,font and so on.
> graphic images are drawn by openGL , so easy to transform
> texture drawing with clipping rect supports
> font drawing supports
> CD playing support
> file/directory enumerator( for listing files or directories)
> pkzip archive with password supports

yaneSDK for D:
( download yaneSDK4D*.zip)
including SDL.lib SDL_mixer.lib SDL_image.lib SDL_ttf.lib SDL_ttf.d SDL_smpeg.d opengl32.d openglu.d lua.d opengl32.lib glu32.lib lua.lib

yaneSDK for C# :
yaneSDK4D is ported by mei into C#. amazing!

sample code for yaneSDK4D :
(Most of sample codes need Japanese fonts , or need to change where Japanese fonts are used.)

・sample7 simple music game

I tryed to create a game in D within 4 hours. my result is this game:
http://yaneurao.dyndns.org/yaneSDK4D/sample7.zip (move the heart by cursor key,and elude from musical notes)
my game replay data is here:
http://yaneurao.dyndns.org/yaneSDK4D/sample7b.zip (extract and overwrite to sample7 extracting folder , and run replay4.bat)

can somebody overcome the high score? or will somebody challenge to make a game programming in D within 4 hours?
it's very thrilling experience.

・sample6 screen transiter


・sample4 drawing strings by using string font repository


・sample3b particle are implemented by object pool and game task system.


・sample2 drawing by using add color,sub color,white fade,lens flare,line noise effect.


・sample1 lupin the 3rd (ANIME) title maker. only for text drawing and sound playing sample.

glExcess into D

glExcess is a kind of 'mega demo' using openGL :

glExcess into D (ported by yaneurao) :

no sound version :

glExcess into D with sound is now working.